4 February, 2020


WP 1

To consolidate the supply chain it is necessary to systematize the initiatives already undertaken and make them more stable over time. To do this, the activities of WP1 will be:

  • The verification, through meetings, of the alignment of the operators to the objectives of sustainability and biodiversity increase that move the value chain;
  • The definition and sharing with the operators of the value chain of the necessary steps to obtain and / or renew the ISCC plus certification of sustainability;
  • Pre-audits (documents and inspections) to ensure compliance with the rules of the card;
  • The registration of all operators in the portal www.lacartadelmulino.it, a fundamental tool for strengthening interactions and agreements;
  • The definition, through a process of co-creation, of improvements to be made to the portal;
  • The definition, through meetings with farms, mills and elevators, of any changes to be made to the Carta del Mulino’s rules to ensure the effective applicability;
  • The design of a mobile application that facilitates the use of the portal;
  • Agronomic support to partner and non-partner farms for the cultivation of wheat in compliance with the rules;
  • The use of alternative traceability systems that can connect to the portal to guarantee the identity of the lots;
  • The improvement of the contractual agreements that regulate the relations between the elevators and the farms;

WP 2

Carta del Mulino aims to promote technical production regulations to restore the main ecological services provided by agro-biodiversity. In this context, it is therefore important on the one hand to monitor and quantify the effects of regulating in a precise production context and on the other to collect experimental evidence that will allow us to improve and implement the regulation itself from year to year. WP2 will include:

  • Ground sampling of the floristic and faunal components;
  • Elaboration of the overall biodiversity index at the end of each agricultural year;
  • Reduction of chemical inputs: variable rate fertilization systems and Integrated Weed Management System will be applied.

WP 3

WP3 will improve the webportal www.lacartadelmulino.it (only for suppliers). The changes will be aimed at simplifying the usability of the portal and improve its functionality. The webportal  has the purpose of computerized tracking of the supply chain and has different interfaces based on the role. Moreover will be created a mobile application to allow the management of the portal from mobile devices (App. for smartphone or tablet).

WP 4

WP4 involves the development of a system of analysis and monitoring of the sustainability of the Carta del Mulino value chain, in economic and environmental terms. The aim is to identify synthetic indicators, to understand if the adherence to these practices is able to increase the economic and environmental performances of all the actors involved: farms, elevators and mills.

This scheme will be implemented by defining the model for estimating the trend in costs and economic-environmental benefits; by collecting data and by calculating the indices, by verifying, monitoring and dissemination.

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